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For Commercial Landscaping Projects & Private Gardens

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'The first letters of our best selling wholesale garden landscape plants defines what we are about'

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2016/17 Wholesale - Retail Catalogue 4,500 Plant Varieties


Trees Bare Root

Trees Potted

Fruit Trees

Hedging & Forestry

November - March

All year Round

November - March

November - March

1540 Stock lines

330 Stock lines

280 Stock lines

220 Stock lines

175cm to 5Mt Specimens

.175cm to 5Mt Specimens

Selected Potted Lines All Year

Selected Potted Lines All Year






All Year Round

All Year Round

All Year Round

All Year Round

1300 Stock lines

590 Stock lines

110 Stock lines

70 Stock lines

2Lt  to 50Lt Specimens

2Lt  to 10Lt Specimens

2Lt  to 70Lt Specimens

2Lt  to 10Lt Specimens





All Year Round

All Year Round

All Year Round

Plant Support & Protection

55 Stock lines

55 Stock lines

55 Stock lines

Wild Flora Seed Mixes

2Lt  to 10Lt Specimens

2Lt  to 10Lt Specimens

2Lt  to 10Lt Specimens.

Bulk Soil & Bark

Terms of Sale

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If the plants you’re looking for aren’t listed just ask



From Planning to Planting we are Sharing Knowledge and Building Partnerships

E-mail sales@r-n-plantspecialists.co.uk Tel / Fax 01788 816611

Mobile 07885 139755 7 days a week 8am to 8pm minimum order value £150.



Welcome to

R & N Plant Specialists a national trade / retail tree, shrub and forestry plant nursery outlet based in Warwickshire, managed by owner Richard Thorpe with 45 years in the growing trade we are predominantly at the technological forefront of modern day plant production and forestry practises, though we do steer clear of online shopping baskets so to offer you the very best plant deals.

R & N now in its 23rd year in business with 16 years of internet marketing administered and optimised in-house, as growers and suppliers of plants to the complete landscape – garden industry much of our stock can be seen maturing in some of the UK`s most prestigious parks, conservation projects and private gardens.

In-house we cover 4500 lines of stock and with our ability to source an even wider range of plant material we can ensure your order is fulfilled to the highest possible standard.

We only grow and supply quality plants and from enquiry to delivery, our mission is to provide a service tailored to the clients' needs and priorities regardless of whether the order is for one specimen shrub a thousand trees or half a million hedging plants.

Through our simple approach we win 83% of all plant schedules quoted for.

home-grown.bmp (87906 bytes)We are registered with Defra Plant Health Certification and provide full traceability and audit trails against our plants to protect and enhance Great Britain's biosecurity.

Right PLANT - Right PLACE - Right PRICE + Nation-wide Deliveries

No online shopping baskets!! Simply ask us to quote against your plant schedule today so we offer you the very best deals every time

All Prices documented exclude VAT that is charged at 20% and Deliveries are charged at cost.

E-mail sales@r-n-plantspecialists.co.uk documenting the UK point of delivery

Our Clients include

  • Private Land Owners and Gardeners
  • Retail Nurseries
  • Landscapers - Designers - Fencing Contractors
  • Town, County and Parish Councils
  • National Parks
  • Hotels and Country Parks & Estates
  • Foresters and Tree Surgeons 
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • House Builders and Developers
  • Caravan Parks and Holiday Developments
  • Golf Courses, Fishing Lakes and Shooting Grounds

fera.jpeg (2306 bytes)Defra Plant Health Passport No: UK/EW 54479

Forestry Commission FRM (GB) (Forest Reproductive Material) Registration No: SO266

Carbon Conscious Added Value as the Co-founders of Time 4 Trees and the Great British Plant Off Projects against every order we deliver 5 metres of new hedgerow will be planted for the greater good into a community project in your home county as we work to minimise our CO2 footprint.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and trust that you find it of interest and that its content enables you to select the plants to conclude your project.

Kind Regards

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Proprietor R & N Plant Specialists

Business Partner

Hedging & Forestry UK www.hedging-forestry.co.uk

Aaron Nurseries www.aaronnurseries.co.uk

Prices and availability may vary as the seasons change

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